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A Golf Wedding in Kácov


This wedding was held in an elegant surrounding of a golf course so we combined it with a decor of golden features and white and green color. This time we placed the ceremony at a nearby green, which has a view to the Kácov village. The whole wedding was in an easy-going mood - there was a plenty of great food, animators for kids, several golf acti...

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Malaysian – Algerian Wedding in Mandarin Oriental Prague

Wedding in Mandarin Oriental Prague

This was an amazing multicultural destination wedding! Except of the fact that the bride and her family are from Malaysia and the groom and his family come from Algerian and Czech there were many other guests coming from around the world. They chose Prague for their wedding because the bride and groom currently live here but I believe it was a grea...

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3 Events Hindu Wedding Held in Prague

Indian Hindu wedding in Prague

We started to plan a wedding of Moumita and Lee in the late summer of 2019 with our initial plan of it in May 2020. Unfortunately, just right before the wedding the world Covid – 19 pandemic has started so we needed to re-plan it all because in that time it was not possible to even enter the Czech Republic. And unfortunately the same happened in 20...

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Wedding at Panorama Golf Kacov

wedding at panorama golf kacov

Wedding of Emmeline and Filip was held in a beautiful and architecture award winning Panorama Golf Kácov. Its located about 1 hour from Prague and the surrounding of the golf course its just beautiful. We were so lucky with the weather at this wedding. It was raining in the morning and it was supposed to be raining during the day as well but then, ...

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An Industrial Wedding at Atelier Loft Bubny in Prague

wedding photos from Stromovka in Prague

We started to plan the wedding of Emma and Rob about a year ahead and the assignment was clear - an industrial wedding in Prague with emphasis on Christian wedding ceremony. Out of plenty of interesting industrial venues in Prague they choose to have their wedding day at Atelier Loft Bubny in Prague's district Holešovice. The wedding ceremony ...

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Wedding in a beautiful garden of hotel Grand Mark in Prague

destination wedding in Prague

Wedding of Tiffany and Anatolii was held in June in a beautiful Grand Mark hotel in Prague. Although they both come from different parts of the world and that they live together in Germany, they have decided to plan their wedding in Prague because they just fell in love with this city. We started to plan their wedding in last Autumn and after selection of suitable venues which would meet their requirements for the size, outdoor and indoor options, quality of food and also budget they chosen hotel Grand Mark.

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Flower wedding at Salabka winery


Wedding of Kristýnka and Andreas was held in the beginning of September in a beautiful winery Salabka in Prague. The wedding ceremony was planned to be outside in front of the vineyards with following wedding reception inside of the restaurant. Because the number of the guests was nearly 90 there was only one possible solution in case of rain and that was to have it inside of the restaurant. Of course that would have way more magic than outside. Unfortunately in the week before the wedding came very cold weather which continued also during the wedding day. All morning was still raining but then, after the lunch, it stopped raining so the wedding ceremony could be held outside with unbelievable beautiful and rich flower arrangements.

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Destination Wedding at Mandarin Oriental in Prague


Wedding of Toko and Chris was in mid summer at amazing Mandarin Oriental Prague hotel. The bride Toko originally comes from Japan and the groom Chris comes from Britain, both lives in New York so no wonder there were guests from all over the world at their wedding. And that was one of the reasons why Prague fitted perfectly because its basically in the middle. It was an intimate wedding of approximately 20 people.

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Destination Indian Hindu Wedding in Prague


A 3-day Indian wedding for approximately 200 guests with plenty of specific hindu wedding traditions, that would be a short summary of this amazing wedding. Henal and Akash wanted to have their wedding in Prague because the future groom to be Akash really liked the city in the past. We have started with planning about 10 months before the wedding and I admit that it was an intensive planning. Especially because we needed to secure many specific Indian traditions and that wasn’t always easy to manage in a European city.

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A Beautiful Autumn Wedding Held in Prague in Clam Gallas Palace and Villa Richter

Destination wedding in Prague in Villa Richter

We have started to plan the wedding of Chantelle and Mike quite ahead and the future bride and groom had really concrete picture of their wedding. It should be a dramatic autumn wedding using dark red colour underlined by the atmosphere of the historical Prague. They have decided for Prague because the bride has relatives in the Czech Republic and also because Mike has proposed Chantelle at the Charles Bridge in Prague.

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Autumn Lebanese Wedding in Prague

Destination wedding in Prague at Villa Richter

When I first got in touch with the future bride and groom to be, Marie Rose and Tony, it was only few weeks before the planned wedding day itself. They wanted to have a dream religious wedding back here in Prague where they have already been together few years ago and which would be a closer place to their families. They both come from Lebanon but currently live in Canada. In the end everything went well and they had a beautiful wedding in the beginning of November.

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French Czech Flower Spring Wedding in Prague

Destination wedding in Prague

Wedding of Flore and Vít was in a romantic and blossoming May. The style of the wedding was set as “Flower” which went perfectly with the trees and flowers all around in that time. Meanwhile Flore comes from France, Vít is from the Czech Republic so their guests were from different cultures. Before the wedding day itself there was a beer tasting reception which should show their guests part of the Czech culture and it was also a great occasion where to meet informally before the wedding day.

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Wedding at stunning St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle with a reception at Villa Richter

Wedding at Prague Castle and at Villa Richter

Wedding of Misa and Greg was held in a combination of two stunning venues in Prague. Cathedral of St. Vitus is part of Prague Castle complex and it’s the biggest cathedral we have in the Czech Republic. Villa Richter was chosen as a venue for following cocktail hour and wedding reception and it offers not only great service but and also a very beautiful view on Prague.

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Autumn Wedding at Chateau Mcely

Wedding at Chateau Mcely

Wedding of Caroline and Alisson was a destination wedding held in the beginning of autumn. The reason why they choose autumn for their wedding was becase they both come from Brasil where autumn with all of its colours never happens and they wanted something special for their wedding day. It was an intimate Catholic wedding in a nearby church of Mcely village with many candles and beautiful pink, white and purple flowers.

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Summer Destination Wedding with a Gorgeous View on Prague

Wedding in Four Seasons Prague

Wedding of Kate and Barry was held in a middle of summer, the best time in Prague. They have decided for a small intimate destination wedding held in Prague’s Four Season. One of the reasons why they have decided for this venue was Four Season’s terrace which provides really beautiful view on Prague and Prague Castle and to which the bride fell in love.

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Why to have a wedding in Prague, the Czech Republic and what are the essential information you want to know about it


If you have ever been dreaming about a fairy tale wedding in Europe or in general, you have found a perfect place. Prague is a capital of the Czech Republic and this beautiful city is well known as a heart of Europe. Prague is on UNESCO list and if you have not visited it so far, you definitely should. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, for some people even the most beautiful in the world. Sometimes it is also called "small Paris". With its number of historical buildings, castles, palaces, amazing gardens and towers there is no reason to doubt why. In this article, we will tell you why you should consider Prague as a place for your destination wedding because it has lots to offer.

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Amazing churches for Roman Catholic wedding in Prague

Wedding in church in Prague

Prague is famous for its number of churches, historical monuments, castles and towers. That is why there is a wide range to choose from regarding the religious wedding ceremony. But this works across the whole Czech Republic. Although it is usually possible to have a religious wedding ceremony even in other place than in a church (gardens are very famous nowadays), churches have fantastic atmosphere and most of the couples want to have their wedding ceremony in church. Today we are introducing you few of many wonderful Roman-Catholic churches in Prague.

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Chinese Russian wedding in wonderful Vrtbovska Garden and Hotel Augustine, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Chinese Russian destination wedding in Prague

Ed and Katia got in touch with us about 8 months before their wedding. Ed is from China, Katia from Russia and live together in New York so their families and friends are literally from all over the world. Not only for its location Prague won this prestigious "competition". We helped them with organizing a 3 day event which included pre-wedding dinner with the closest family, pre-wedding party with all guests and of course the wedding.

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Beautiful summer wedding in a historical Pruhonice Castle, the Czech Republic

Wedding at Průhonice Castle

Pruhonice is a small village just next to Prague. It is known for its beautiful and huge park with lakes and small rivers. The park is favourite for both, walks and weddings at Pruhonice Castle, which is located inside of the park. The castle is well-kept beautiful historical building and from the courtyard is amazing view to the park.

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