Moumita and Lee

destination indian wedding in Prague

"If you want to be stress-free on your wedding day, and actually get to enjoy your wedding with your family and friends, Eva is the BEST person to make it happen!

Imagine planning an intercultural wedding with 3 different events across 3 venues…add the mess of Covid-related cancellations and travel restrictions that led to a 2-year delay of the wedding…and then add a last-minute emergency of ALL of the groom’s wedding clothes NOT arriving on time due to missed baggage (the great “flights and missing bags situation of summer 2022”)…and yet, we had the most beautiful wedding all thanks to Eva. : ) : ) We are so very thankful that we found her.

We are based in the US, and we wanted someone who could be our trusted person in Prague for our wedding. Eva was our person. : ) We contacted Eva online in July 2019, and we finally had our wedding in June 2022. And all through the years of planning and postponing, Eva was just fabulous with us. From the very beginning, she was very thorough and transparent about vendor options and pricing. We never felt pushed to pick one venue, or one vendor over another. She was very good in listening to what our vision was for the wedding, and then giving us options to choose from, and consulting on the pros and cons of the various options. Our wedding had around 25 different vendors to deal with, and she managed all these relationships seamlessly. Because of Covid-related postponements, we had to push the wedding from 2020 to 2021, and then again from 2021 to 2022 – and Eva coordinated everything perfectly. She was super patient with this situation, and was the one big pillar of support for us. In addition to all the meticulous planning, as we got closer to the date of the wedding, Eva always came up with thoughtful recommendations to make our vision of the wedding even better – like making a provision for umbrellas for guests in case of rain, keeping beautiful takeaway boxes for our guests to take sweet treats home from the sweet bar, having a photobooth and a guestbook for guests to take a picture, stick it and sign with a message… All of these little details were suggested by Eva, and we loved this extra bit of planning she did for us! All the guests were also very impressed with how the wedding turned out, and how Eva was involved all through the 3 events. Guests specifically commented on how she was always there just in case anything was required.

While Eva and I planned everything to the wedding (we had 2 years to do this!)...there were many curve balls thrown our way that we had to address…and Eva was just amazing! We had to reschedule our pre-wedding photoshoot due to the delayed bag - Eva quickly contacted all the affected vendors to re-plan everything. We had to create a back-up plan for the groom’s clothes in case the bag did not show up on time - Eva secured an urgent appointment at a local wedding salon to rent/buy a suit for my husband. We wished to add some more food to our chosen menu at the last minute - Eva spoke to the restaurant managers quickly to meet our request for additional items. Our international credit cards’ payment gateway refused to make payments go through…Eva managed to save the situation by working patiently with us and the vendors. She handled everything with grace and patience, and it was clear to us that her strong relationship with all the vendors made all these processes go smoothly despite the hurdles.

At the end of the wedding, we were sad that we will not be texting Eva or emailing her back and forth. ; ) She was the one person who always had our back through this long process of planning the wedding, and we wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who is thinking about a wedding in Prague. From her very prompt response to my first email, to every little follow-up, she has been amazing. We are glad to have crossed paths with her. The moment our wedding was over, we were already thinking of a 10-year celebration event in Prague, and we have already set our eyes on Eva to be our trusted person again. : )"

Moumita and Lee

Paty and Radim

wedding toko chris

„When we were deciding if we should ask a wedding planner for a help with planning our wedding or not, my choice was the best decision I made. In the beginning one thinks that it will all go easy but by the time I found out that I could hardly handle that alone.
I started to look for a wedding planner whom I would like and to whom I wouldn’t be worried to entrust our one and only day. You can find a lot of things on the Internet, but who can give you a guarantee of a quality and satisfaction?
I found Butterfly Weddings a little bit as a coincidence when a friend of us showed us photos from a wedding of his son who had it at the same place as we planned. By that I have got a tip who organized their wedding and there is no better testimonial than from a person you know really well. That’s why I have decided to contact Butterfly Weddings.
Since the very first time, since the very first email and from all the following communication I was sure that it would work well. Eva and Kristýna are girls at the right place. They are full of positive energy, easy going but in the same time enthusiastic about their work, they are professional and absolutely loyal.
The result of our cooperation was above my expectation. And it wasn’t just me who was so enthusiastic about that; it was also my husband and all our guests. Thank you for this experience, do further what you enjoy and in what you are absolutely top in your industry!”
With love Paty and Radim

Emmeline and Filip

destination indian wedding in Prague

"If you’re looking for the perfect wedding planner, your search is over because you’ve found her! From the very first call we had with Eva, she has been the most kind, thoughtful, and meticulously organised person - no matter how keen and organised you are, she will always be several steps ahead of you! We couldn’t have wished for anyone better to plan our wedding. Eva’s approach to planning took so much stress off of our shoulders - she proposed great vendors based on our budget, which we chose from, and she then handled all of the communication with them. I was terrified of forgetting to answer something or pay someone, but I needn’t have worried because Eva had my back - always patient and professional, she sent me gentle reminders. Most of our communication was done through email or Whatsapp and she was incredibly responsive. We also met at the venue twice to make sure we had the same vision for the day and to discuss any outstanding things. Eva did everything she could to turn our dreams and ideas into reality, and she was also wonderful at giving advice (we were organising a three-language wedding during a pandemic so it was a challenge!) From the smallest decorations to carefully planning out the course of the day, including making sure that everyone knows when and where to stand and speak, her attention to detail and skill in ensuring that everything goes smoothly was remarkable. On the day itself, Eva and her lovely colleague Kristýna coordinated with the vendors and arranged everything absolutely beautifully, we didn’t have to worry about a single thing. They were so discreet but always there keeping an eye on things, and incredibly kind in taking care of our guests (my mum made a point of telling me later!) They even organised a special firework surprise with my mother-in-law. The manager at our venue also thought they were brilliant and soon recommended Butterfly Weddings to another couple! Many of our friends and family told us this was the best wedding they have ever been to, everything was perfect and there was always something to do, and that is thanks to Eva. Eva, we cannot thank you enough for giving us the most amazing day of our lives!"

Emmeline and Filip

Emma and Rob

wedding toko chris

"We absolutely cannot recommend Eva enough! We hired Eva in the fall of 2020 to help us plan our 2021 wedding in Prague. She provided us with amazing service, always communicated quickly with us, and we felt she truly went above and beyond to make us happy and make sure everything went smoothly.

Every detail was taken care of, from choices, planning and meetings with vendors, even helping us to secure meetings with our priest for the wedding despite some very busy schedules. Eva brought her wonderful expertise and experience: she put forwards lots of great vendors within our budget, making every choice difficult yet easy knowing the result would be great no matter which we chose. The vendors that we ended up hiring were professional, skilled and delivered wonderful service.

The coordination of our wedding day was perfect, and Eva took away our anxiety on the big day, handling everything and allowing us focus on our guests. There was never any pressure, she considered our budget throughout the whole process, and always made sure that our vision for the day was important.

When we had a few hiccups or delays with offices in Prague getting our necessary documents, Eva devoted her time and energy to making sure everything that was a success - for example she spent multiple times and hours at City hall and the Foreing Police. We cannot thank her enough, and are so thrilled with how the entire process went from start to finish!"

Emma and Rob

Tiffany and Anatolii

destination indian wedding in Prague

"My husband and I enlisted Eva from Butterfly Weddings to plan our wedding in Prague last month, and we can definitely state that this was one of our best decisions. Eva exceeded our expectations in every possible way. We do not live in the Czech Republic, but our Prague wedding went off smoothly since we had such a wonderful wedding planner. Besides having a great sense of style and even greater time management and organizational skills, Eva is optimistic, polite, kind and thoughtful. First and foremost, she patiently listened to us and properly considered all our requirements before presenting us with suitable options and interesting alternatives. When I had a mishap with a bridal veil that I had purchased, Eva kindly offered me the veil from her wedding. The same goes for some pieces of decoration. There were so many thoughtful add-ons that showed her dedication to making the days leading up to our wedding and the big of course, extra special. On the wedding day, Eva took care of every item on the list efficiently. Finally, when our guests congratulated us on our marriage, most of them mentioned that we had a fantastic wedding planner. We are very grateful to Eva and extremely happy that she agreed to plan our special day. We wish her all the best and here's to her planning many more beautiful events."

Tiffany and Anatolii

Kristyna and Andreas

wedding toko chris

"I want to thank you so much once again for everything. You did an incredible work and without you it couldn't be such a magical, fairy-tale wedding. I really couldn't choose a better wedding planner. You are a real professional, hardworking, responsible, you have an attention to detail, you are inventive and on top of that also an amazing person. It was a pleasure to cooperate with you and honestly, I will miss it. Although Im relieved that we all made it and everything went well.

It was a beautiful wedding, we are still talking about it and saying that we couldn't have done anything better. Thank you so much and I hope we stay in touch. "

Kristyna and Andreas

Henal and Akash

destination indian wedding in Prague

"Eva gave us the most perfect wedding, more than we could have ever imagined. Doing a 3 day destination Hindu wedding in Prague for a party of 180 people, is a HUGE endeavor and when we met Eva for the first time, she was eager for the challenge. We chose Butterfly Weddings because of the transparent philosophy and with that, Eva gave us recommendations for every part of our wedding, with full information and alternative options, and let us make the decisions, and I loved that. Eva, you were patient with us as our busy schedules and 6 hour time difference probably prolonged every step of our process, but you never made us feel like we were making your job difficult (which I’m sure we were!). You were SO unbelievably available for opinions, emails, phone calls, texts, and so responsive and organized with everything in the months leading up to the events. You were dealing with SO MANY moving parts at the same time- dealing with Akash and I as bride and groom, our parents, and even our other family members who were helping, and did it all so calmly and with such patience (and we know we are a handful!). On the 3 days of events, everything you touched was perfection - we heard countless praise from our guests about the venues, the food, the hotel, the ceremony- everything, and it was all possible because of you. Even on event days, when guests were running late and delaying buses, or there was an issue with something, you handled it seamlessly and gracefully. We were honestly so at ease during the 3 days because we had full confidence in you and your ability to manage anything and everything.

Eva, we cannot thank you enough for your attention to detail, your endless advice and recommendations, your management of vendors (2 of which were flying in from abroad), your availability, and the countless hours of work you put in to making our wedding a success. I literally spent the entire day after our events were over just gushing over how absolutely PERFECT everything was, and our guests did the same. We are so lucky to have chosen you for our wedding, and we look forward to seeing you again when we visit Prague for our anniversaries as our friend. We cannot thank you enough and cannot possibly sing your praises enough. You and Prague will always hold a special place in our heart.

Anyone looking to have a Hindu ceremony in Prague, or any kind of wedding ceremony or event anywhere in the world, Eva and Butterfly Weddings has our full endorsement."

Henal and Akash

Toko and Chris

wedding toko chris

"We are more than 100% satisfied with working with Eva. First Eva is professional and practical, second she is supportive and cheerful, and she is the the ideal wedding planner for everyone. Eva is the one of inspiring role model women in this world.

My husband and I work in finance and live in New York (British & Japanese couple), and it became tough at a point when we tried to organise our wedding in Prague because of time, language and cultural difference. We chose Mandarin Oriental Hotel for a venue place and we though their wedding consulting team was enough help for us to be fully equipped planning a wedding. However, it gets difficult to choose trusting vendors and we found that we don’t have time to visit Prague to finalise putting all together.

Two months before our wedding, we found that we need a wedding planner and I googled search but not much review system has been built with Prague business compare to New York. I contacted big wedding planning agencies in Prague (not to mention) but they are very impersonalised and two of them told me that they’d like to work for planning my wedding but cannot be at my wedding day so they arrange one of their assistant since they will go summer vacation. I was shocked. Then I found Eva by recommendation from my photographer. Eva was totally different from other wedding planners. She’s more enthusiastic and showing the sense of commitment with her job than any other wedding planners in Prague which convinced me to choose her.

Eva has plenty of choice with venders in different price ranges, and quality of them are all very good. Even my hairstylist said that Eva is a very good planner because her time management and ability to put it together is excellent and furthermore she cares about vendors as well which other wedding agencies in Prague are not. Our guests are impressed at Eva’s ability to conduct our wedding and asked us how we found her. We wanted a garden ceremony and under raining conditions, Eva managed all vendors, hotel banquet team, and our guests to make it happen. Whenever we faced obstacles, she always said “but we will manage and make it happen, right?”

I agree with other reviews as she is a great wedding planner working with people in different backgrounds. She can make your wedding happen!"

Toko and Chris

Chantelle and Mike

destination wedding in prague city center

"We are so happy to have worked with Eva at Butterfly Weddings Prague to make a fairytale wedding come true in just a few short months! Prague is very special to us as we got engaged on Charles Bridge and we have family from Czech Republic (now living in Canada). Our wedding was stunning and unique, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! The details came together seamlessly by working with Eva considering we are not local and live in Canada :)

Firstly, Eva is extremely professional yet very personable and friendly as well. It was a pleasure emailing back and forth to organize details as her response time is prompt and detailed. We knew we wanted to hire Eva after the first few emails with her. Before even signing on as her client, she responded to all emails within hours (despite an international time difference) and also gave us very informative details about weddings in and around Prague.

During the planning process, Eva kept everything so organized with vendors and budget. She also really understood our vision with the look and feel we were trying to accomplish therefore recommending very talented vendors who suited our style for florals, décor, venues, cake, etc.

Eva is always so pleasant and kind in her emails, always in a good mood :) If any possible issues arise in the planning process, she is so quick to think of a realistic solution ASAP.

Thank you Eva for such a great experience and executing a very memorable wedding!"

Chantelle & Mike Podsiadlo


Marie Rose and Tony

Lebanese destination wedding in Prague, Czechia

"With the fewest possible words, I would say that it was the BEST SERVICE EVER!

We planned to go to Prague and get married there just a few weeks before the wedding day and Eva proved that she was able to fully plan our wedding in only 2-3 weeks. I contacted different wedding planners in Prague at the same time and she was the first one to reply back. And she continued on following up with me every day and updating me with every single thing or change regarding the vendors, taking notice of everything of the small things that we asked for and caring as much about the process as she does about the result.

Her great strength of her is in her attention to details, her unlimited availability and coordination, her sincerity, and her big desire to be of service. She recommended us the best vendors in Prague: best restaurant Villa Richter, and best photographer Radek Čepelák... And proved one more time that she is able to provide us with the best collection of services that not only meet with our needs but also are within our budget.

She also made sure we meet Father Ventura who was the most devout, truthful, humble, faithful, and patient priest that we ever met, and we submit all the required documents to the church.She fully coordinated our wedding day and she made sure we follow the time schedule till the end of the day and took care of all our guests.

We had an Incredibly magnificent stunning and unforgettable wedding in Prague! With all our lovely, fabulous, precious and unconditionally supportive families and friends! ...... And my dream CAME TRUE! Thank you for my extraordinary, crazy, handsome, adventurous and hilarious husband who makes all my dreams come true." Marie Rose and Antoine."

Mary and Tony

Ed and Katia

Summer destination wedding at Vrtba garden and hotel Augustine

"Picture Perfect wedding made possible by Butterfly Weddings. (10/10)

We wholeheartedly recommend Eva of Butterfly Weddings to anyone planning their wedding in Prague. After our initial call with Eva, we overcame our reluctance to work with a wedding planner, for fear of losing direct control with vendors, managing costs, and being nudged into committing to extras we didn’t want. Eva addressed those concerns and made us feel at ease with her easy-going demeanor and a thoughtful walk through of her processes. We don’t like to give up control easily but we became comfortable with how Butterfly Weddings handled our planning with cost transparency, detailed receipts from all vendors, and exceptional responsiveness via phone, email, and texts. We eventually migrated everything to google sheets which made the planning process completely streamlined. With Eva’s help, we were able to host a picture perfect, multi-day wedding event along with a large rehearsal dinner, a beautiful garden wedding ceremony, a hotel wedding reception, and an after party that went well into the night across some of the most beautiful and unique locations in Prague. There is no way we could have pulled this off without Eva’s help.

Our experience started with some internet research on our own, so we had a point of comparison by the time we were working with Eva. We recognized that Eva’s access and connections with vendors was vastly superior to what we would have been able to do on our own. There wasn’t a ‘preferred vendor’ concept with Eva. Her lists of custom compiled venues, restaurants, florists, photobooths, cars, etc., were hand picked based on our criteria and cost constraints. She handled last minute changes, dealt with tons of back and forth on contracts, answered a zillion questions, showed us a gazillion photos, sorted by cost, style, location, and even put a Pinterest page just for flower ideas. Who does that!!

Planning our wedding was overwhelming but with Eva’s help things became manageable. After a couple of weeks working with her we realized if we had done this ourselves: 1) We wouldn’t have any clue how to generate a fair comparison between vendors much less finding them in the first place (some are very local), 2) She got us a lot more commitments from vendors and ‘add-ons’ than we would have been able to, 3) Saved us COUNTLESS hours and kept us on track, 4) Managing the language barrier plus time difference because we’re based in New York. Eva even provided us with an great local to-do and eats guide for Prague knowing we have lots of out of town guests.

In closing thoughts, at the end of our reception and party into the wee-hours, we saw Eva tirelessly overseeing everything to the very end of the evening, even after all other vendors have packed up. My mom wanted to save EVERY floral arrangement and she offered to help. You can’t imagine how touched we were to witness this level of authenticity and care. She was with us until the bitter end! At one point we shipped BOXES of wedding stuff to her in Prague, even a full sized guitar. The morning of my wedding day I almost didn’t get out of bed because I was too busy catching up (partying) with friends the night before. Guess who was there in the morning to make sure the ball was rolling? She is just incredibly dedicated and caring. When we decided to work with a planner, we didn’t want to go with an agency because we didn’t want to be presented with cookie-cutter options, and we wanted to work directly with the business owner who has a real stake in helping with our wedding. We are so glad we chose Butterfly Weddings for a bespoke, one-of-a-kind, and spectacular experience."

Katia and Ed


Caroline and Álisson

Wedding at Chateau Mcely in Czech Republic

"Eva is wonderful, her way of working is unique and exceeds all expectations.

First I found Eva on google and sent her an email and a message via whatsapp. She answered to both immediately telling me everything I needed to know. Ever since she was truly available, easy and fast to talk to even though we were in different time zones.

I also noticed what Eva wrote about fair play at her website. Most people don`t mention it because it should be obvious but for real many times it is not. I found it very interesting that Eva addressed the matter directly and this way was transparent from the very beginning. Her website was actually the only one where I read about fair play while looking for wedding suppliers.

I liked so much what Eva wrote, what her brides wrote about her and how she replied to my first messages that I didn`t bother to send messages to any other wedding planners even though I am the kind of person that usually does a lot of research before making a choice. I had a deep feeling that I had found the right person at first and in two days we had a signed contract.

Another matter that concerned me was that I had to find someone that could get the wedding planned in only five months, an extremely short time at least for Brazilian standards. And I noticed that a bride had written that Eva planned her wedding in two or three weeks. But I didn`t want Eva to simply plan a great wedding fast, I wanted her to do it exactly the way I had already imagined and there were a lot of details that she would have to go after so could she really do it all so fast? Well, she did it.

And I know how she did it: she was always available and I was even worried sometimes because I didn`t think it would be fair if she would have to work on weekends or holidays so I tried not to make requests at these moments but still she would do things by herself and send me new messages about the wedding at times when I would never expect her to be working at it. What I always felt in Eva that made me admire her so much is she loves what she does and she wants to make her bride`s wishes come true as if they were her own.

Besides, Eva is very sweet and fun. If she were only professional and caring as she also is of course it would be enough but she goes beyond, she is truly special. And if you need to be in touch with your wedding planner very frequently as you most likely do it makes a big difference if talking to that person becomes a pleasure rather than another routine obligation to keep track of your wedding.

Some wedding planners have the good intention to respect the bride`s wishes but become too passive while others have many great ideas that they end up putting into action instead of the bride`s own preferences when these demand an extra effort. Eva was the best because she did everything in her power to get things done the way I wanted but also gave me a lot of bright ideas that I wouldn`t come up with alone and waited on me to decide. She made me feel secure because she is very realistic and gives her kind but always honest opinion so I knew that if something I had imagined was not good she wouldn`t be afraid to tell me and still would respect it if I didn`t change my mind.

When talking about the wedding with my family and friends I was always saying good things about Eva simply because she gave me reasons to do it so my mother used to say that I had found an angel much before she had the chance to meet Eva right before the wedding day. My mother is MF Vasconcellos and now her testimonial states the same thing.

The wedding was a dream day but I know myself well enough to admit that I would certainly have been nervous and not fully enjoyed it if I didn`t know with all my heart that all I could do was say yes and enjoy it because Eva would be taking perfect care of everything else. It is hard to put down in words all that Eva did on that day and the five months before it so what I write here is no more than a resume.

Finally all I can suggest is do your wedding a favour and ask Eva to plan it."

Caroline and Álisson

Kate and Barry

Wedding at Four Seasons in Prague in Czechia

"There are not enough words of appreciation to express our gratitude to Butterfly Weddings (and Eva personally) for planning a magical day for us to celebrate our marriage! Eva, I don't know where to start - my dream wedding would not have happened without you!
Professional, super energetic, very responsive, has a good sense of humor - just to name a few of Eva's super powers. I truly appreciate that you understood my very busy schedule and made the wedding planning process EASY and PLEASANT. I actually enjoyed the day, because I knew Eva " Got it all" She knows all the right people, we could not be happier with the vendor recommendations and advises she had given us. Planning a destination wedding can be a challenge, but because of Eva's knowledge and experience we had a time of our life! I would highly recommend Eva and Butterfly Weddings to brides everywhere, she is amazing and her services are exceptional. She went above and beyond to make my day just the way I wanted it. THANK YOU, EVA! You are the BEST!"

Kate and Barry

Octavian and Jil

Wedding at Salabka winery in Prague

"We had our big day organized by Eva from Butterfly Weddings and we couldn't be more happier that we've chosen her. Within a short time, with a lot of passion, attention to detail and strong network of suppliers, Eva managed to organize everything, support all of our ideas and make valuable suggestions where needed. Everything was clear and run smoothly from start to end, including managing the schedule of the day. We are extremely grateful for her responsiveness and making everything easy and enjoyable in a record time. Thank you very much for valuable memories, good luck in your future career Eva and definitely recommend."

Octavian & Jil


Flore and Vít

Wedding at Palace Zofin in Prague, Czech Republic

"Living in France, we wished to organize our wedding in Prague. Within just 5 months, Eva managed everything for us from basic choices to payment schedule. On the big day, she coordinated each second and everything run totally smoothly. Very professional, she has many solid contacts, which allow her to be very reactive to one's wishes.
She communicated easily in English and went deep into details in order to understand the idea we had of our marriage. She was able to listen in order to bring us full satisfaction. She solved our pettiest requests with efficiency and full availability for us. She has been gifted with a good sense of humor. She is elegant, kind and quite always smiling.

Beyond her role of a wedding planner, she grants a lot of attention to the smallest individual details, which made us feel invited to our own marriage and she made our big day truly worth remembering.

She was just as much appreciated by our guests. We do strongly recommend her and we are truly happy for having chosen her. If we were to marry once more, we would again go for her services without a slightest hesitation. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and we hope she will be able to organize many successful weddings and to make as many couple as delighted as we were."

Flore and Vít

Markéta and Richard

Wedding in Prague in hotel Augustine

"Eva of Butterfly Weddings was an awesome wedding planner and we are so pleased we engaged her services. Eva was very helpful, efficient, and professional, and made our special day so much easier. We really appreciated that Eva worked very hard and stayed longer with us than expected - clearly Eva is passionate about her work and cares for her clients. We have no hesitation in strongly recommending Butterfly Weddings to assist with your wedding."
Markéta and Richard