About Butterfly Weddings

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About the company

Butterfly Weddings is a boutique wedding planner company based in Prague, Czech republic dedicated to creating unforgettable, styled and stunning weddings. We love what we do and we are passionate about it. We have over 7 years of experience in the wedding market and we are proud to have established relationships with the best vendors in the industry. We do destination weddings in Prague or in the whole of the Czech Republic for our international clients as well as weddings for our local clients.

Our mission is to be a partner with whom you could share the passion and enthusiasm you have about your wedding, who will bring to life every detail and wish you might have in mind and who will be a true professional you can rely on with a first-class service. We believe that every wedding is as special and unique as our clients are, and our goal is to create the wedding they have always been dreaming about, or even better.

Apart from all of the above, our philosophy consists of two major features: transparency and fair play. We want to be a fair partner to whom our clients can truly believe. That is why you can always see all of the original invoices and bills from all vendors. Moreover, we believe that if you do your job with love you have to be honest, have moral principles and act with respect. That is why we pride ourselves for our fair play. No extra charges. No hidden fees. No underhand practices.

In addition, you might be also interested in the name 'Butterfly Weddings'. Butterflies have many meanings across the world and cultures. The one which initiated our name is from East Asia where butterflies means marital bliss and joy.


About Eva

Eva is the founder of Butterfly Weddings and the consultancy is the result of her experience in finance, event planning and wedding industries. She has a passion for organizing, carefully pays attention to details and keeps an eye on matching features and colours.

Eva has a master's degree in finance and during her studies spent several months living in the Netherlands and in Paris. She enjoys meeting people from all over the world, getting to know their cultures and traditions. She is a big travelling lover, foodie, she likes sports, surprises, design, cars and good coffee.

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About Krist├Żna

Krist├Żna has 6 years of experience from a 5* Imperial hotel in Karlovy Vary where she took care of miscellaneous social events including planning weddings and a wedding fair. She fell in love with weddings so much that she decided to focus only on them. She connects her experience with professionalism, passion and attention to details. Except of that she likes to visit wedding fairs in the Czech Republic and abroad. She loves her family including her little son, animals and travelling.

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