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Why to have a wedding in Prague, the Czech Republic and what are the essential information you want to know about it

If you have ever been dreaming about a fairy tale wedding in Europe or in general, you have found a perfect place. Prague is a capital of the Czech Republic and this beautiful city is well known as a heart of Europe. Prague is on UNESCO list and if you have not visited it so far, you definitely should. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, for some people even the most beautiful in the world. Sometimes it is also called "small Paris". With its number of historical buildings, castles, palaces, amazing gardens and towers there is no reason to doubt why. In this article, we will tell you why you should consider Prague as a place for your destination wedding because it has lots to offer.

Destination wedding in PragueStarting from the beginning, there is a wide range of ceremony options. No matter if you would like to have a civil, a religious or a symbolic wedding ceremony, all are possible in the Czech Republic. Also, you can decide if you prefer to have the ceremony outside in the garden, inside in some historical venue, in church, in the city hall, in the vineyard, at chateaux or castle, in other words the selection is amazing.

Talking about venues and places, except of Prague, there are also other amazing places, which are favourite for weddings in the Czech Republic and in which you might be interested. There is an unbelievable huge number of other historical cities, castles and chateaus across the country. To name just a few of them, you can Google for Hluboka castle, Cesky Krumlov or chateau Ploskovice.

You can find many real professionals providing wedding services in Prague or in the Czech Republic. It is no longer a country, where a good quality services would be hard to find, the opposite is true.

High season for weddings in Prague or in the Czech Republic is between June and September, however May and even winter months (December till February) are lovely for weddings as well. Prague covered by snow looks really romantic.

The icing on the cake is, that its not going to cost you a fortune as the price level in the Czech Republic is still very bearable comparing to the Western Europe.

The costs of the wedding really depend on your requirements. You can have a wedding for 100 guests for 7.000 EUR when you are on a budget or easily for 30.000 EUR. The average wedding budget for 100 guests is somewhere between 12.000 - 20.000 EUR for a wedding in the city center. Add up, for the same price you would pay in some Western Europe country for a normal wedding, you can afford a pure luxury in Prague or in the Czech Republic.

Organization and wedding planning of weddings in Prague

Hiring a wedding planner for a destination wedding either in Prague or in the Czech Republic is definitely a good idea. Especially regarding the legal stuff it would save you a lot of time and maybe worries. It is not like that the legal requirements for a wedding would be so strict in the Czech Republic, it is more like a language barrier at the office(s). A professional wedding planner will also recommend you a good quality and verified vendors, the most suitable venues for your wedding. Last but not least, all of his/her services should be accompanied by high level of transparency, so you could easily verify all costs of your wedding.

The ideal time for starting with your wedding's preparations in Prague or in the Czech Republic is a year before your wedding. Of course you can start later, a lovely wedding can be organized even for 3 or 4 months (due to legislative reasons a minimum time of 2 months before the wedding is needed for the fastest organization), but the earlier you begin, the better choices of venues and vendors you have.

Do you have some other questions, which we didn’t cover? Contact us, we will be happy to help! And in case you already know that Prague is THE place for your wedding, do not hesitate to contact us as well. We would be happy to prepare a tailor-made proposal for your wedding and fulfill your dreams till the tiniest details.

Wedding planner of destination weddings in Prague

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